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Llydaw race competitor

The club supports the Llydaw fell race each year by volunteering.  

The Club is no longer involved with the Welsh 1000m Peaks Race and we have passed its direction to Warren Renkel. For information on the race, please see:  

Welsh 1000m Peaks Race

Llydaw Race

Llydaw Race

1st January 2022

This race starts from the Youth Hostel at Pen-y-Pass at about 10:00 am on 1st January, each year.

As might be expected from the date and time this is a low-key event. The weather usually provides the main challenge, unsurprisingly given the altitude and time of year. Be prepared for really foul weather and conditions underfoot.


Click here for the Race Poster

Click here for Race Information.  PLEASE READ - THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED

Look at the Weather Forecast for Snowdonia before coming!

With luck you might even be able to see what the Summit actually looks like today.

“ was simply a fantastic day and race experience...” (Becky)

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