Clwb Gorphwysfa Club

ASCENDENTES RESPICERE IUVAT                                               MOUNTAINEERS LIKE TO LOOK BACK


We are supporting the Woodland Trust by planting some trees. By so doing we will be part of the plan to plant 6 million trees in 2012. We will create a GORPHWYSFA COPSE, as part of the Jubilee Year celebrations, on land opposite the Pen y Gwryd, set back from the road and not obscuring any views.  We received a free Woodland Trust community tree planting pack of 105 trees in early  November, themed on ‘wildlife’, which are now in the ground.


Bring any young trees you can spare to add to the copse next time you come to Hafod Y Gwynt.

Please email me any general news for this page (rather than meet info which is better on the Events page).  

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Nancy’s seat

In June 2013, we dedicated a seat in the Gorphwysfa Copse to Nancy Rowlinson who is much missed in the club.  Many of the Rowlinson family came along.  It is a fitting tribute to the Nancy that we knew so well; Andrew read of one of Nancy’s poems to great applause.  A very big thank you to Peter for making the seat.

An enjoyable week, topped off my a great meal out in Killin Scotland.

2016 Scottish Meet