Clwb Gorphwysfa Club

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Clwb Gorphwysfa Club

About us

The Gorphwysfa Club is a group for mountain lovers.

Inspired by Geoffrey Winthrop Young, the club has regular meets around the UK.

Members and their friends walk, run, climb, cave, engage in other mountain related pursuits and, above all, socialise.  Click here for a brief history (PDF) of the club.

The club is affiliated to the British Mountaineering Council.

Welcome... the Gorphwysfa Club’s website.

This site allows general access to most of the club information.  If you log in, you can also see our contact list and our Forum.  The Forum is designed for information swapping (e.g. “Good routes” and “Recipes”) but also for people to use as an expedition diary.  

Useful information currently has information on accommodation which has been recommended.  Please add to this.  We can add other information topics if you want.  

Look at our News page for the latest chat.  Past versions of the Journal are available from this page.  


Courtesy of Brian Saunders, who kindly emailed us this 1905 picture.